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The 7 Universal Laws of The Universe:

The universe is a highly organized place.

It follows a set of unchanging rules, known as the laws of the universe, that ancient cultures intrinsically knew and understood.

These spiritual laws are all interconnected and are believed to govern everything that exists in the cosmos.

The 7 Universal Laws of The Universe:

The Law of Mentalism

Rather like the film The Matrix everything that was/is and will ever be resides within The Universal Subconscious Mind as energy in varied guise. That is to say that all is made of the same stuff which is consciousness ordered in such a way as to present in different seemingly physical forms, for nothing is solid. All is vibration and solidity is but an illusion, and hence an artifice of mind. In the whole there exist very few element compounds and everything is made through consciously influencing energy to configure in certain ways; which is to say that an elephant and human, whilst made of the same stuff as an Extra Terrestrial or star, are vibing to very different beats. Understanding that all is mind, and that all resides in The Universal Subconscious Mind, is key to fully grasping the absolute truth that all is one within The Universe.

The Law of Correspondence

This law simply states: As above so below/As below so above. This helps us to more easily understand the realms of existence that we cannot see or readily perceive. The law tells us that what we experience as reality here on earth is similar, if not the same, as the reality being perceived by other forms of consciousness elsewhere in The Universe. Knowing this helps one better understand The Universe and esoteric truths which remain hidden and illusive.

The Law of Vibration

Everything within The Universe, within The Universal Subconscious Mind, is energy vibrating at different rates. Energy cannot ever be destroyed, it can only be transformed. Once a person understands that all is energy vibrating it becomes easier to fully comprehend the universal nature of all that was/is and will ever be. And to look upon all — the people/land/stars, sky, etc ad infinitum, and fully appreciate the interconnectedness of everything. Through this awareness a person learns respect and tolerance for everyone and everything.

The Law of Polarity

The Universe is a construct of opposites which is to say that there is a left/middle and right to everything. For instance, love and hate are the same whilst being of varying degrees of that same: imagine a line with, on the right love, on the left hate and in between all manner of sentiments in varying shades and hues. Love often transforms to hate, and may even transform from hate to love, but both emotions are of the same family. Understanding this law allows a person to better manage their emotions and mood for with this knowledge comes the power to positively influence your very being. Imagine you are sad and feeling somewhat depressed — knowing that sadness is but an extreme of happy allows a person to consciously change their thoughts to cultivate‘more happy’ into their reality. For we create our own, and shared reality, by influencing energy vibration through thought, word and deed which are the currency of all creation.

The Law of Rhythm

This law is closely related to The Law of Polarity and can be imagined as a clock pendulum swinging from left to right. To live a balanced and equitable life a person needs to create a reality which neither swings radically to the left nor right. Rather a person needs to find balance and gently flow with the rhythm whilst avoiding the highs and lows which so easily upset our equilibrium.

The Law of Cause and Effect

This law explains how everything that was/is and will ever be is in direct consequence to something, or more accurately a chain of somethings — or ‘cause,’ which led to an outcome or ‘effect.’ People often talk of the butterfly effect which in simple terms explains that the gentle beating of the wings of this insect in Asia will have an effect on something many miles away, perhaps in South America! This is a universal and absolute truth which once understood should make a person extremely aware and mindful of their thoughts, words and deeds for we are all co-creators of our world and The Universe at large. Even an idle malicious thought will have an effect energetically on the whole and so this law teaches us to be kind and respectful of all in our daily lives.

The Law of Gender

This law is fundamental to all creation and tells us that everything that was/is and ever will be encompasses both the masculine and feminine. Yin and Yang. This law has absolutely zero to do with carnal activity or perceived physical gender but encourages a person to accept and embrace their truest nature as a being of both male and female sensibilities. To understand this brings balance to a persons’ very being and allows them to live their life with compassion and understanding for all.

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