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The Buck Moon and Your Zodiac Sign

Traditionally, July is the month of the Full Buck Moon, which simply refers to a buck’s antlers being in full growth mode at this time of year. Considering that these major lunar events are happening during Leo season and Mercury Retrograde, I’d like to think the antlers serve as a pretty powerful symbol. We’re all experiencing major growing pains, so prepare for your world to be rocked this weekend. The universe is pushing us to grow and evolve, but before we can fully transform we gotta go through some rough patches. Like, deep healing stuff. Think old habits coming back to challenge us, and lots of shifting and dissecting. Time to get to the root of the problem and pull it out for good.

And since this is all happening in bright Lion season, we are bound to feel our light dim a bit. What felt good for weeks — or even months — won’t feel good anymore. This is fine, trust. We’re just headed for a reality check, which will ultimately lead us to shine again — but more authentically this time.

Here’s how the July Buck Moon will affect your sign:


You’re going to go through an inventory, Aries. In the OG days, you’d be throwing out your Rolodex. Now you’re deleting, unfriending, and unfollowing those who don’t match your vibration. You’re also looking at a love interest, or how you view love, through a new, empowered lens.


It’s time to quit that bad habit of yours, Taurus. Maybe it’s eating junk food late at night or entering relationships you know are bound to be messy. Whatever it is, it’s time to undo the damage. First, acknowledge the pain you’re trying to suppress. Then, forgive yourself.


Your energy and attention span are going to be off the charts, Gemini, which is why it’s important to keep focused on the people and things that are most important. Don’t let shiny new (superficial) things distract you from your true course. Now is the time to notice the difference.


You’re feeling like time is slipping by, Cancer, and you might find yourself overcome with anxiety and worry. Try to see time as a rite of passage. That everything happens for a reason at the right season. Then combat anxiety with actions. Even baby steps will help.


Look in the mirror, Leo, and tell yourself what you see. What you truly see. Not how you want to be seen but who you really are. What is the trigger to the wound that’s driving you to seek the spotlight and solace? And who are you without that wound? Things are about to get deep AF.


Although you’re usually precise and professional with everything in life, Virgo, you’re feeling a little bit entitled. You might be considering cutting corners instead of going full-throttle with a certain new project or relationship in your life. If you can’t commit, quit. This is where integrity comes in.


It’s time to look at a certain situation through new eyes, Libra. Sometimes we like to see something as what we hoped it would be rather than what it truly is. The truth will always set you free, though — no matter how harsh reality might be. It doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth it, just that it no longer is.


There are certain deadlines you think you need to make, Scorpio. Instead of stressing yourself over what you should be doing, take the time to accept and embrace what you are doing. Chances are you’ve accomplished a lot and are continuing to do so. It’s time for a little self-love, friend.


You have something you need to get off your chest, Sag. Before you say anything, though, approach the situation with love and forgiveness. It doesn’t mean you’re wrong or that what you have to say isn’t valid. But choosing loving kindness means you get to empathize more, and we can all use more empathy.


You need to make a decision, Cappy. Do you stay — in the relationship, job, certain behaviors, etc. — or do you go? Ultimately you must ask yourself, what do you really want? And who do you want to become? You deserve the best, remember that. And you’ve earned it.


It’s time to take a break, Aquarius. Maybe you’ve been running yourself ragged lately or you simply need to take a break from that person or project that is only weighing you down. Either way, your energy is low, and you gotta vibrate high. Take a breath.


You need to have a talk, Pisces. And it’s not the kind of talk you really want to have, but it’s one you know you should have. It’s the cleansing, healing talk that we all need to have at some point because if you don’t? You run the risk of causing and feeling more pain. Let it go, and let it flow.

Take a moment, bbs, because this one’s gonna hit you hard. It’s going to feel weird, uncomfortable, and confusing. But if you stop to listen to the guidance you’re receiving from your gut and the world around you, then you’re headed for some clarity and, hopefully, some peace.

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