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The Difference Between Spirit Guides And Guardian Angels?

Angels Are Divine Spirits Who Have Never Held Earthly Physical Bodies

As a result, they can vibrate at a much higher frequency and deliver messages to us from the divine. Spirit guides are spiritual beings that were once human beings and had physical and mortal bodies.

More often than not, spirit guides are ancestors from long ago or a deceased loved one/family member. Some spirit guides can be from dimensions and galaxies unknown by humans at this time.

Life has many ups and downs, and keeping us safe until our time is up is our guardian angel’s job. Guardian angels are there to protect and comfort us when our life is at risk or we’re highly stressed out.

In dangerous situations, our guardian angel steps in and interferes with the problem, manipulating it to our advantage.

A quick online search yields an incredible number of near-death stories, experiences, and mysterious happenings where things should have gone wrong but miraculously didn’t, thanks to guardian angels at work. I have personal experience with this.

I remember hand washing dishes as a teenager once, holding a knife, about to wash it with a sponge, when my brother ran into the kitchen and bumped me, causing me to lose my footing and slip on some water underneath me.

Everything happened so fast and I didn’t get a chance to let go of the knife. The way I was holding it and the force from the impact should’ve driven it straight into my chest. However, it stopped short by some miracle and just barely pricked my skin.

I remember being so extremely shocked at how lucky I got. I now know it was my guardian angel protecting me because it wasn’t my time yet.

Spirit Guides Work Differently

Spirit guides, on the other hand, come into our life at different stages to teach us much-needed lessons and guide us throughout our lifetime. They show us and help us discover the right path if we listen.

They can stay with us our entire life or come and go as necessary, depending on what we need. Unlike guardian angels, spirit guides can’t step in and change our destiny. However, they can’t undermine our free will. After our spirit guide relays the best path for us, it’s up to us to listen and make it happen.

Guardian angels are assigned to us before we’re even fully formed in the womb, while we’re still little balls of energy, staying with us for the rest of our life. They’re with us whether we know it or not and they only want what’s best for us

Next time you feel afraid, stressed, sad, or need help, take some time and ask your guardian angel for help. It can be hard sometimes to receive their messages because they can be pretty subtle but be on the lookout for new opportunities and weird coincidences you experience.

It’s Possible To Strengthen The Bond With Your Spirit Guide

With your spirit guide, you’re going to have to put forth more effort in the relationship so that it can strengthen. Take the time to get to know your spirit guide and to figure out their method of communicating with you.

Maybe they come to you in dreams or send messages in the energy world that only skilled psychic mediums can pick up. If you’ve tried but cannot communicate with your spirit guide, don’t hesitate to contact an online psychic for help.

They function on a higher wavelength than us and can receive and relay messages to us. If a psychic ever tells you you have an evil spirit in your life, don’t fall for it because curses and spells aren’t real. That’s why I would only suggest going through online psychic networks that have been verified and can be trusted.

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