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The Month Of The Pig - April Horoscope

April Chinese Horoscope

The month of April begins with the hexagram of thunder over heaven (34). This month, you have a lot of influence over other people. This may mean you're in charge for a period of time. You are handed the talking stick. You now have the mic and the floor. This is an auspicious month for you, and you want to make the most of it. In April, you want to develop important personal relationships and reach out to make new connections.

The new moon is on April 11 and, Pig native, your finances improve. More money is flowing in. This could be from a secondary source of income, or perhaps a large commission check comes in. Someone who owes you money may be paying you back. It's good to use some of this extra money to pay down debt or add to your piggy bank.

On April 26, there is the full moon and spiritual energy is all around you. You may have found your group, church, or synagogue. Now, you feel quite comfortable with people who share your faith. Or you may have brought your spiritual practice home via meditation, prayer, or chanting. This could lead you to feeling more connected to God and the universe.

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