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The November New Moon in Sagittarius

Every month or so, the moon slides between the Earth and the sun, making it look almost invisible from our point of view. This lunation is called a new moon, and in astrology, it offers the collective a chance to reset and recharge. In this case, that's much needed after the turbulence that is eclipse season. Lucky for us, the Sagittarius new moon, which arrives on Nov. 23, is restoring optimism and bringing with it a major vibe shift.

In astrology, new moons offer the start of a new chapter and are great for introducing fresh ideas, beginning relationships, and seeing things from a different perspective. Since Sagittarius is a fire sign that champions bravery and honesty, this lunation is a beautiful time to aim and shoot for the things you want — just be sure not to make any rash decisions before weighing the potential consequences.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Nov. 23 New Moon in Sagittarius

Between Nov. 23 and Dec. 21 each year, the sun moves into the adventurous fire sign Sagittarius. The new moon in Sagittarius inspires expansion and travel and stokes our thirst for learning. This lunation imposes a newfound sense of optimism and abundance — which is totally on brand for the archer, who's ruled by lucky Jupiter. The Sagittarius new moon also presents the ideal time to do inner spiritual work, travel, and socialize. That's because new moons are a time of fresh starts, and the fire sign's brazen attitude inspires us to take risks and go after what we want.

The general vibe of this lucky Sagittarius new moon is amplified thanks to the archer's native planet, Jupiter, which will be hanging out in dreamy Pisces. "The energy of Jupiter in Pisces is very mystical, artistic, and sentimental — so this is a good time to revisit old projects and dreams with a fresh, new perspective," Ash explains. "This will be especially helpful to keep yourself occupied during Mars retrograde in Gemini, which is causing everyone to feel a bit stuck and frustrated."

Mars retrograde, which will be happening in chatty Gemini until Jan. 12, 2023, is causing some slowdowns and encouraging us to take important breaks, especially when it comes to chasing our goals. The Sagittarius new moon is helping us keep the faith as we move forward to the end of the year.

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