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The Shift

Is your energy all over the map in this moment? Are you feeling confused, happy, sad and emotional overcharged all the time? You are not alone.

There is a shift going on in this moment that is causing you to look at your life and let go of toxic or unhealthy people, habits and things in your life. If you are on a spiritual path, it is intense. You may not understand the depth of the shift, however you will see such an awakening if you allow yourself to clear the cluttered energy, emotions and yes, even the clutter in your home out to make room for the clean and new.

Are you an awakened soul? This shift is intense for those that have awakened and are starting to see their future in their mind’s eye. Your dreams, desires and beliefs are going to be tested right now. You are not meant to suffer through this, however, it may feel that way for some.

You ask, “Why is it I have to feel this way when I am supposed to be on a spiritual and calm journey?”. The biggest misconception we face is thinking that because we are following our spiritual path, awakening and moving forward, that sunshine and roses will be our walk of life. It is far from the truth.

Things will come before each one of you (and yes, me too) that try to knock you off your path. The first starts with ego. Your own ego will rear up from the subconscious and say “I don’t like this” and try to throw you off course. Simply let it go. When negativity, self-doubt or anything that is not for your Highest good sneaks into your thoughts, simply release it and do not try to hold it in. Your life will shift just with that small action.

Next will be people that you felt were your friends or even family at times. They will see you changing and try to knock you off course because it makes them uncomfortable. This is not your issue, it is theirs. And at times it means letting go of those people that try to pull you back down to their level. A true friend will always try to lift you up as you should be doing to them. A true partner should be doing the same. Family should be doing the same for each other. However, often times, it is family that will pull you down with comments ‘What are you doing that for?’ “You’re not going to gain anything.” “You aren’t the same person anymore.” At times, you have to walk away. You still love them, however you move forward in your life.

As this shift takes place, you should make a conscious effort to eat better, drink more filtered water and to get more exercise. Even if your exercise involves a 10 minute walk in nature – it is something. Then the important one, you take your ‘me’ time daily. 15 minutes to half hour minimum. You sit, you reflect, journal if you enjoy journaling, read an inspirational passage, meditate, sit in nature, do something that is simply you and Universe alone. This is not something that you do with others, it is something that you need to take the time to do for you and only with you and your guides, angels and Universe.

This shift is saying, clear the toxic and clear it now because there is something so much better in store for you. This shift is saying, “It is time for you to advance up another rung of your spiritual ladder, are you going to climb it or stay stuck in the mud?”

Shifts are difficult, however, when you come through it and you see the next steps or blessings Universe has for you, you will be grateful. Blessings to you all during this time.

Love and Light,

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