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The Six Archangels That Help With Jobs

Archangels all have roles, assisting those on Earth with certain areas of their lives. Some help with love, others with health and others still with relationships, as I’ll discuss below.

One of the aspects Archangels can help with is providing security by directing those they guide over to the best jobs and employment opportunities.

They can also help in inspiring others to hire you or by providing the feeling that a certain opportunity is meant to be, inspiring you to accept it.

While Archangels are indeed always working in the background, you can call on specific Archangels to assist you in finding a job, keeping a job, or excelling at a job you currently have. They can also help you find a new job, in a totally new field, where your skills may be of benefit and in critical need.

1 - archangel uriel

Archangel Uriel is known for problem solving.

Uriel can also help with reigniting current passions or identifying lost passions, opening you up to new opportunities and opportunities that are old but were perhaps previously dismissed.

Uriel also helps guide you to the bigger picture, for example, thinking bigger thoughts, opening doors in your mind to an opportunity before the situation arrives, readying you for it in advance.

2 - archangel michael

Archangel Michael is the Angel of Protection, this means Michael can help you find security, job protection, and even support your reputation.

Archangel Michael offers career help by assisting with all things needed in finding the right employment to ensure you are protected.

3 - archangel chamuel

Archangel Chamuel is the Angel of pure, loving relationships and of Divine Union.

Chamuel can raise your energy to a higher vibration, and out of a state of distress to assist you in aligning with the best choices and opportunities to you.

In other words, Chamuel can prevent you from taking drastic panic-based steps and towards more rational options and ideas. Chamuael can also help connect you with loving people who will support your job hunt process.

Because Chamuel assists with loving relationships, this Angel specifically supports each soul in finding employment that honors their light.

4 - archangel ariel

Archangel Ariel helps with caring for the plants, animals and creatures on Earth. Ariel assists with healing Earth’s creatures and part of this requires ensuring they have enough means to access those provisions for healing.

In the human realm, this often means having enough money, which can flow through employment.

5 - archangel metatron

Metatron is the recorder of events in the universe’s great archive.

Because of this, Metatron helps us see our divine power, the interconnectedness and order of things, and all this means he helps with Divine Order and Organization.

Metatron can help you re-prioritize your life’s arrangement and realize your spiritual power, aligning you with opportunities which will provide for you in the best and highest way.

6 - archangel gabriel

Gabriel assists with the flow of communication at all levels.

Angel Gabriel assists with writing, speaking or even presenting your ideas and qualities in a way that showcases you in your highest light. I personally call him the Angel of Marketing, as he is seen around those tasked with getting large messages out into the public domain.

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