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Tips For A Lasting Marriage

Marriage is a long-lasting, permanent, constant and an enduring relationship between two people. It is the involvement of two different individuals who are intimately, romantically and happily weaved and intertwined in each other’s lives. This could be challenging, stimulating, exciting, strenuous, demanding and inspiring all in one. To be in love with a person is to feel all the emotions in this world just for one person and this certain person could make or break your world and your heart.

Marriage is fun and exciting at first but when both of the couples get pressured to do and decide on certain things then it gets hard, stressful and depressing. Growing and intimidating pressures and difficulties in life is inevitable, it gets the best in most of us. Challenging times regarding a person’s career, employment, finances, children and a lot more issues in life could actually strain and damage the marriage of a couple.

But how can you keep the happiness, the pleasure and the contentment going on in a marriage? Especially if it’s already on the long run? Here are some of the useful tips that you can apply to make your marriage as happy and as bright as possible!

1. You have to tell everything, even the little things, to your partner. Do not shoulder all the problems that you encounter. Marriage is formed so that two people can face the difficulties and challenges in life together, and not alone. You feel stressed and need to transfer or look for a new job? Tell you husband or wife about it, surely he or she will understand. Let yourself be comforted by the person whom you chose to be with forever. If you aren’t willing to share the burden, then forever is a long time for suffering all by yourself. Communicate and let your worries be known.

2. Do not nag and find fault in your husband or wife all the time. Yes, there are going to be tough times but talking, criticizing and giving your partner a hard time relentlessly and continuously is going to make him or her tired of listening to you. Try to calm down and talk things through without any agitation.

3. Always compliment your partner and give small praises when he or she deserves it like when they get promoted in the office or when your wife learns to cook a new dish or when you husband was able to fix the broken car. Do not forget to give applaud and congratulate him or her for the little things because that is how you can show that you appreciate and value them. This is also a good way of giving their self esteem a boost.

4. Never forget to do fun things together like playing around the house, telling jokes and making sure that you get to do something that you both enjoy. Laugh and laugh and keep on making new memories together.

5. You should talk about money but never fight over it. Keep it healthy and steady. You lost money because of a failed investment that your husband got himself into? That’s okay. It’s just money. You can always get it back when you work hard for it again but never fight about money because trust and love is hard to fix once you break it.

6. Forgive and forget. Say sorry whenever it is necessary and do not worry about your pride. That is your husband or wife whom you are talking to. Your pride should never be on the way. Your partner’s feeling and emotions are way more important than anything, remember that.

7. Love your partner unconditionally, entirely and wholeheartedly even when you realize that they’re already getting wrinkles on their faces, their hair is slowly turning gray, their waistlines are thickening and that their health is starting to diminish. Love them with all your heart even so because humans grow old. Even if you try to look and cheat on your partner with a much younger man or woman, they’ll also eventually get old. Love your partner and grow old with them.

8. Treat yourselves every weekend like go out to see a movie, eat dinner outside and buy her flowers. If you try to maintain your sweetness and intimacy then you’re in for a happy road ahead.

9. Love your partner’s family as well. It is crucial that you maintain a good relationship with the family of your husband or wife because they became your family as well when you decided to marry your partner. Being in good terms with your in-laws would prevent complications in the future.

10. Put God in the center of your marriage. Go to mass every Sundays, pray together along with your kids and just trust in Him that He will guide your marriage and your whole family.

11. Do the little things for him or her. Car out of gas? Put gas for him. The dishes are piling up in the sink? Wash it for her. These little things pile up and become the great things for your spouse.

12. Make sure that you still take care of your self, physically. Yes, do not allow yourself to look like you’ve given birth twenty time already. Go to the gym, stay fit and healthy. It is not only for your husband’s sake but for yourself as well.

13. Make yourself available to listen to your partner’s rants about work and his or her stories that happened during the day.

14. Have a discussion about everything. Buying a new car? Talk. Buying a new condo unit? Talk. Kids are going to start attending school? Talk. Starting a new business? Talk. There is so much that you could accomplish if you talk to your partner about everything.

15. Never flirt with another person. You want to flirt? Then flirt with your husband or wife. Never try to welcome the possibility of a third party. Cheating is a sin and it destroyed a lot of marriages before and up until now. Do not let you marriage end because of another man or woman.

Take care of your marriage as we are only supposed to get wed and be married once with just one person. Love your partner with all you heart and soul and devote your whole life into building the happiest family here on Earth. When you do, you’ll be filled with happiness, contentment and fulfillment your whole life.

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