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Welcoming New Love

The New Year will bring new things into our lives, a shedding of old situations, things and even relationships. Our natural reaction is to resist change so when things are thrust upon us it is not easy to deal with the emotions that it brings. We cannot see clearly into the events that caused the ending of a love relationship. Love and attachment cannot be turned off so fast!

Breakups are almost never peaceful, there is always one person getting hurt and wanting another chance. Closure, real closure can be fickle. Teasing our minds and emotions and happening in its own time and mostly after you have moved on!

So how do we pick up the pieces of ourselves after a relationship has ended?

Forward movement and positive thinking are what is needed most of all for us to heal our hearts. We cannot erase the feelings for a past love, but we can embrace the possibility of new love. In embracing new and positive feelings you create a cosmic “Love energy magnet” in which the universe sees you as available and ready! This attraction energy is like the rays of the sun that will ultimately shine on a new and prospective love connection. However, if you are still holding on to an old relationship, yearning and hoping for a love to come back that has become complicated and unavailable the universe will not see you as ready.

Face your fears

Your past relationship has created a fear of failure when in reality if it was meant to be, it would be happening right now. Only through getting to know a person do we know if they’re the one and it must be mutual. If they allow another person to interfere they are not the one. If they are not available to you physically and emotionally they are not the one either. Even if your love was in a relationship when you met the test of your love and commitment would be for them to put you first.

Our thoughts and words are actions and like a pebble dropped into a pool creates ripples that flow forward to reach the shores of the future. Letting go of the wants and expectations of the previous relationship and the need for closure will free you. Telling yourself that you deserve a true and lasting love is a first step in embracing it.

How can I ever love again?

Embracing new love takes courage and the courage that your heart still has despite the disappointments that have happened in the past. The heart is a wondrous thing! It breaks and it can heal and the best medicine is to embrace love again without fear. There is someone out there at this very moment whose vibrations match your own with the same hopes and dreams and there is no time limit on when you will meet.

Once you have decided to embrace new love, open heartedly a welcoming vibration will surround you and others will pick up on it and be drawn to you. The love energy will be all around you with prospective lovers buzzing around you like bees to honey! One of those bees will be your true love and it will be up to you to give he or she a chance. Your new love will not be the same as your previous one, they will be different, better and deserves an open and trusting heart.

Your new love will move you forward not backwards, a love of equals that is uplifting and can create real power between the two of you. Now and in the future!


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