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What Are Spiritual Readings & How Do They Work?

Have you ever wondered about spiritual readings and how they could affect your past, present and future?

The spiritual world is something unknown, abstract, and mysterious.

There is always a sense of something magical and otherworldly.

However, spiritual readings are a very specific thing with a unique purpose.

They are not to be confused with a psychic reading, which is something most people have an understanding of.

Most people go to a psychic for information about the future. They are generally after specific details about their career or love life.

This is something a psychic will specialize in. They can provide insight and information about the future and other probabilities.

A spiritual reading, on the other hand, is actually something different.

A spiritual reading provides guidance and clarity in terms of your personal growth and development. It doesn’t tell you which job offer to accept or if you’re going to meet your soulmate this year.

What you receive will be more personal and will reveal inner truths you have failed to realize about yourself.

The information you gain from a spiritual reading will be helpful as you move forward in your life and make decisions for yourself.

Types of Spiritual Readings

There are many different types of spiritual readings, with the following three being the most common. Every psychic will have a different method.

Some may favor one while others use all of them in one session.

You may also find you prefer one over the other and that will influence who you go to. Use this as a guide to start your decision making:

Energy Reading

Most psychics have the ability to simply read your energy in order to provide guidance and clarity.

Someone who is providing an energy reading may not use any other method as their intuition over the energy will be enough.

They will use their Clair abilities to get what they need:

  • Clairvoyance or clear seeing

  • Clairsentience or clear feeling

  • Clairaudience or clear hearing

  • Claircognizance or clear knowing

  • Clairscent or clear smelling

  • Clairgustance or clear tasting

  • Clairtangency or clear touching

Using these abilities will let them tap into the spiritual “fingerprint” so to speak, of their client.

Through this, they can gain information about the past, what’s going on in their life now, and some positive, clear ideas for the future.

They may even hear some specific things like names or messages, depending on what is most deeply affecting the client.

This may give them insight into whether a certain path would be a good or bad idea.

Ultimately, these readings help determine where the client is storing their energy.

The reader can tell them which chakras are blocked, and what this says about their life. For example – a fractured heart chakra could mean a recent heartbreak.

Past Life Regression

A past life regression is something that can provide healing and answers.

It does so in terms of phobias, trauma, negative behavioral patterns, limiting beliefs, and other things that are buried deep in the psyche.

Some of these things can be carried over from a past life as energy is passed down through lifetimes.

With this, karma will continue to come out and reveal itself until it is resolved and addressed in the present time.

Many times, the reader will guide the client into a meditative or trance state. This allows them to reach the deeper levels of their minds and garner information about past lives.

This can bring them towards the root of what needs to be healed and resolved within them.

They do this by bringing the client’s attention to the traumas of their past life. For example, someone may have an inexplicable fear of water.

They may discover that they drowned in their past life. This knowledge can be enough for some people to get over the fear.


Lastly, is the art of palm reading. This is something that many cultures and beliefs have been using for centuries.

Its purpose is to look into the future of characteristics, challenges, and paths.

The origin of palm reading begins in the womb. A baby in the womb clenches its fist. This imprints on the palm, leaving behind the lines it then must live with.

Some believe this is the act of creating a contract with our spirit selves about the lessons and events that will come into our lives.

However, we do have free will, which makes this contract more of a guideline, the basics of which are laid out on the palm.

Because of the spiritual ties of this “contract” a psychic will be able to tap into the energy and read some of the information.

A palm reader will be able to use this information and tell you about your self, your life, your loves, your career, and your ultimate destiny.

In addition, they can tell you what you should be focusing on in order to experience the best possible outcome.

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