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What Do Different Candle Colors Mean?

Colors play an important role in our lives and even when we do creative work or meditate, we can lend distinctive vibrations and focus our intentions better through the burning of different colored candles. Indeed; candle “magick” is an important and much studied science and art (which many wrongly feel is associated with black magic or witchcraft).

In this guide, we will only refer to the use of candle colors for linking to individual energies as based on different colored Chakras. We hope that the candle colors and their meanings given below will work positively on specific forces of the Universe in order to strengthen your affirmations. This, in turn, can help you direct the Universal energy towards particular (positive) conclusions.

Candle magic is based on the same principle as that of color therapy. Different colors have different frequencies which, in turn, have different effects on the human psyche. We can use these effects in a positive manner to enhance our mind power.

Likewise, some candles are also fragrant and the different fragrances can reflect differently on one’s feelings and emotions. Therefore, through candle magic, practitioners can make use of varying fragrances and colors of candles to create different effects for their clients.

Candle Colors and Days of the Week

According to the science of candle magic, specific candles may be used on specific days of the week, since these colors are also associated with the different Planets. Here are the different candle colors of the week:

  • Sunday – Gold or yellow candles

  • Monday – Silver, grey or white

  • Tuesday – Red

  • Wednesday – Purple

  • Thursday – Blue

  • Friday – Green

  • Saturday – Black or purple

What Do Different Candle Colors Mean?

  • White candles – Destruction of negative energy, peace, truth and purity.

  • Purple candles – Spiritual awareness, wisdom, tranquility.

  • Lavender candles – Intuition, paranormal, peace, healing.

  • Blue and deep blue candles – Meditation, healing, forgiveness, inspiration, fidelity, happiness, and opening lines of communication.

  • Green candles – Money, fertility, luck, abundance, health, success.

  • Rose and pink candles – Positive self love, friendship, harmony, joy.

  • Yellow candles – Realizing and manifesting thoughts, confidence, bringing plans into action, creativity, intelligence, mental clarity, clairvoyance.

  • Orange candles – Joy, energy, education, strength, attraction, stimulation.

  • Red or deep red candles – Passion, energy, love, lust, relationships, sex, vitality, courage.

  • Black candles – Protection, absorption and destruction of negative energy and also repelling negative energy from others.

  • Silver candles – Goddess or feminine energy, remove negativity, psychic development.

  • Gold candles – Male energy, solar energy, fortune, spiritual attainment.

Candle magick practitioners often recommend writing names, dates, birthdates and certain symbols on the candle (or its enclosing glass) to reaffirm one’s intentions. Additionally, the candles must be anointed in oil and you can use simple olive oil or specific essential oils to dress the candle and increase the effectiveness. Based upon the intentions or reasons why you are using candle colors based on their specific meanings, you will require taking a bath or cleansing the mind through meditation. The dressing of the candle is itself a ritual where you must completely focus on the intention while rubbing the oil on the wax of the candle.

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