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What Does A Naked Dream Mean ?

am standing at a podium addressing an audience, I’m nervous, my hands are a little shaky, and I worry that my breath will get caught up and I won’t be able to speak. Then I start my comments and I’m feeling a little better, as I go along a feeling of confidence washes over me and I stand up straighter my voice ringing out louder. I’m relaxed and at ease, I lean forward and take the microphone from the stand so that I can walk around a bit, engage my audience more. As I step away from the protective shelter of the podium a wave of nausea washes over me, I am completely naked. Everyone sees, they are pointing, laughing, and gasping as I rush back behind the podium. I can feel tears stinging my eyes and my face flush. Thankfully I am dreaming and I wake up still feeling a little embarrassed but thankful that it’s over.

What does dreaming of being naked in public mean? It’s a very common dream shared by people across all spectrums of life. The venue may be different, maybe you dream of going to school naked, giving a presentation naked, shopping naked. The one thing that most of these dreams have in common is the feeling of humiliation and public exposure. I think that this is a very literal representation of our inner fears. For instance, I do a lot of public speaking and no matter how many times I address an audience I always experience a feeling of intense fear right before I go on, just like in my dream.

When I am naked in my dream I am extremely vulnerable, I am open for ridicule. This can be indicative of a situation in our waking lives in which we feel intensely uncomfortable, anxious, and vulnerable. Maybe it’s moving to a new town and starting over with new neighbors, new coworkers, new friends. Maybe it’s a promotion that requires new duties that you aren’t completely sure of. Or it could be anxiety over a relationship that is getting deeper and more intimate, exposing new vulnerabilities.

When you dream the “naked dream” pay close attention to your audience, there is almost always one. See if there’s any correlation to something in your waking life. This will help you identify the area of your life in which you are having negative feelings and address them.

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