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What Does a Past Life Reading Consist of?

Experiencing a past life regression is different than having a psychic reading, our professionals don't engage over the phone and just regurgitate your past lives, they guide you to remember your own past life memories. Assisting you in the memory processing and correlating them to your present life is what we do. This is an active process, not passive at all. You actively participate in the regression as our professionals guide you through them. Our goal at Psychics Secrets is to allow you to gain a direct and personal experience of your own inward self, as a soul on a journey yet growing through time towards healing.

Regression Session

These sessions typically last about three hours. The first hour includes an interview, which generates a similar feeling to a typical counseling session. Our professional guide will discuss why you want to experience a regression as well as what you’d like to accomplish through the regression. Many questions will be asked about your current life including the history of your family, sited events of your young childhood, which you hopefully still remember in addition to your present health status, as a way of honing in on certain patterns which may be a direct reflection of your past life experiences. This interview not only offers the psychic professional a reflection of your sorted past life occurrences, it does just give us info on you, it is a priming agent of your unconsciousness and this begins the process of regression. In the second hour, our professional will take you on to your regression. Typically the regression occurs as you relax or recline and close your eyes so you can focus your attention on the inner life experience. The actual regression typically lasts anywhere from 60 up to 90 minutes or even longer as needed. Usually a client experiences up to three separate lifetimes during a past life regression session.

Time is purposefully left after your regression to discuss your experience. You may journey deep into a regression and you may feel a great sense of peace afterwards. You could feel somewhat drained or cautiously disoriented. Our psychic professionals will do their best to be sure you have a lot of time to gain your orientation.

Transient State of Mind

Hypnosis is a type of directed awareness. To experience a past life regression, it is deeply necessary that you focus on your inward self so to access these past life memories also known as distant memories. Hypnosis can be used to place you in a lightweight transient state of mind. You may also be aware of your relaxed or reclining state or you might hear birds chirping outside your window, or even the sound of an airplane flying over your head, although simultaneously you are saturated and engrossed in your past life memory. Sometimes our professionals will direct you to concentrate inward while playing some quiet relaxing music in the background. You may be encouraged to concentrate on the rhythmic inhales of your breath while in a relaxed state of your whole body. The aid of a focus on your breath will gently guide you into a mild transient state of relaxation. So in a way, you aren't hypnotized, you are just very relaxed. In this state, you will be encouraged to be very aware of your inner visuals, emotions and your physical sensations. You may then be focused on a singularly energized emotion or reflection that is usually the incentive behind the reason you actually wanted to do a regression, initially or perhaps something may have been uncovered in the initial interview. So say the prominent concern in your life is a fear of being all alone, you may be directed to focus on the thought or feeling of, "I'm alone". This is the bridge found in your present feeling to an appropriate or relevant past life memory. Some of your past life memories are on happy and joyful times. These kindly lifetime memories aid us in understanding and appreciating our current positive dispositions, aptness and solid relationships. Such is the state of gifts of life.

Meaningful Memories Exposed

Usually the memories that rise to the surface in a past life session are about a traumatic past life event, often a trauma due to a death. This past trauma event continues to impact our present day life. Through exposing the past painful memories into the awareness of light and grasping the context of your past life and death, the intensity of emotion loosens the grip on us. Thus, we can ultimately let go of the past events and just move healthily forward. A burden has been lifted so we feel elated. Such is the center of our work: we assist the healing of the deepest part of who we are, our very soul. There is no need to fear, you will not be immobilized inside these trauma memories. We are there to aid you past an experience in order to receive the best benefit of this process. The ultimate healing can be immediate and striking or it might be most subtle and noticeable across time. In fact after your regression is completed, you will have a solid memory of all you experience. In time, some new and insightful layers of understanding will spontaneously emerge. There is no way to know if you’re able to process a past life memory until you try it. The overwhelming majority of those that have a past life reading go back for a second session.

Unique Session Memories

No one session is identical to another. Accessing one's past life has nothing to do with the number of materials or books your have read or referenced on the therapy or reincarnation of a past life or how much you desired it. Accessing your past life regression successfully has to do with your own soul’s readiness, rapport or openness and willingness to change, in addition to outside unknown or unforeseen forces on a specified day. On occasion, one may not open or access a past life memory. If this occurs, you may still experience a change from something of significance from something that comes up in your the initial interview with our psychics. This too can be impactful and a learning journey for a healing in your life. This happens just from regressing to your youthful past life. What could be better than that…?

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