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What is a Star Seed ?

Have you ever looked up at the stars and felt a nostalgia and longing that you can’t explain?

You wonder who or what is out there. You feel like there’s a story written in the stars about your past that you just can’t quite tap into.

If only I could visit those planets and travel to all of the beautiful galaxies in the universe.

If only I could explain why I don’t feel like I belong on Earth.

If only I knew why I feel a pull to one star constellation or cluster in particular.

Is this just curiosity? Or are you experiencing a soul revelation, a deep internal knowing that you didn’t originate here on Earth, that your soul is a descendant of a far-away light system?

Is it possible that you’re a rare soul type: a Starseed?

What is a Starseed?

Starseeds are highly advanced spiritual beings and souls that originated from distant planets, solar systems and galaxies, typically far from Earth.

These evolved souls carry a multitude of wisdom within, along with special abilities and gifts.

Every starseed, no matter what system they come from, carry activation encryptions, special codes designed to unlock their knowledge and abilities at a predetermined or even spontaneous time.

It is this knowledge that is fundamental as to why they came to Earth in the first place.

Prior to incarnation, they answered the call of mastery, wisdom, vision, and creativity to be ‘seeded’ into specific civilizations, predominantly those with darker sides to them.

Different to Earth humans and Earth Angels, a starseed soul soul has never had ‘roots’ here on Earth, but rather was sent here to complete a specific ‘mission’ or ‘deed’.

There are many different types of Starseeds, but their overall starseed mission involves paving new pathways for innovation, healing, creativity, understanding, expansion and Earth’s ascension.

Starseeds here at this moment in time voluntarily came to Earth to uplift the planet’s vibration, ready to propel humanity, Mother Gaia and nature into the Golden Age of transformation, creativity, peace, love and divine healing. This era is to begin during 2032.

They are the innovators, healers, teachers, counsellors and innocent amongst us; they beat purely to the sound of the Creator’s drum, never straying far from their Starseed mission.

It’s estimated that there are only 78 million starseeds here on Earth: less than 1% of the Earth’s population. One thing’s for certain, they are remarkable beyond all measure.

Am I a Starseed? Major Signs You Are One

Starseeds originating from different star systems such as Pleiades, Orion and Andromeda all have different traits and behaviors (see more in my Starseed types post), but there are some universal traits that most Starseeds have in common.

  • Homesickness.

  • Strong sense of being different or not ‘belonging’ on Earth.

  • You love extra-terrestrial shows and programme.

  • Empathetic.

  • Strong sense of an ‘unfulfilled purpose’.

  • Freedom seeker.

  • You’re intelligent and love learning.

  • Your intuition is strong.

  • You’ve experienced a deep spiritual awakening.

  • You are a highly sensitive person.

  • You have psychic or paranormal abilities.

  • You’ve had a triggering major trauma life experience or event.

  • You feel like you’re an old soul, who has been here before.

  • Holistic health and natural remedies interest you.

  • You have an aversion to harm or violence.

  • Babies, children and animals are drawn to you.

  • You imagine what life would be like on other planets or galaxies,

  • You’re fascinated by astronomy, astrology and spirituality.

  • Others are drawn to your ability to help and support them

  • You’re into conspiracy theories and documentaries.

  • You’re a vegetarian or vegan.

  • You feel that you’ve inherited very little of your parent’s traits.

  • You had imaginary friends as a child.

  • You feel drawn to crystals and their healing properties.

  • You like physical touch and stimuli.

  • You daydream a lot.

  • You have memories of living on another planet.

  • You read about Starseeds.

  • You have seen things science can’t explain.

  • You believe that there’s life elsewhere.

  • You can easily read between the lines and pick up on nuances.

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