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What Is the Meaning of a White Aura?

Every living thing has an electromagnetic energy field surrounding it. This invisible field of energy surrounding your body is affected by your emotional state.

There are ways to see this normally invisible aura, usually done in an aura reading, in which it may be photographed.

When visible, the aura is made up of colors, each with a different meaning. A person’s aura is generally a combination of several colors but will be dominantly one.

Of all the aura colors, the rarest is the white aura. But what does a white aura mean?

The Crown Chakra

There are seven main chakras that run along your spine, and each has a corresponding color.

The crown chakra, sitting at the very top of the head, is associated with the color white, and a white aura means there is a strong connection to the crown chakra.

The crown chakra is sometimes called the "bridge to the cosmos" and is connected to the idea of enlightenment and represents a higher purpose in life, wisdom, and your greatest potential.

The Rare White Aura; What does a White Aura Mean?

There are a lot of wonderful qualities associated with a white aura. It indicates integrity, a pure heart, and a deep level of spirituality.

Someone with the rare white aura is deeply generous, has wisdom, a connection to the divine, and healing capabilities.

Effects of the White Aura

Obviously, the effects of being someone with a white aura can be very empowering. The connection to a higher spiritual power and purpose in life, and enlightenment can bring great peace and joy.

There can be some drawbacks, though. The innocence of the white aura can also translate into naiveté.

And, because of the deeply spiritual nature of someone with a white aura, they may have difficulty feeling connected to reality. They have a tendency to disconnect from the material world.

Those with a white aura may also find that they love more deeply than most, which can be a beautiful thing, but they should guard against a tendency to self-sacrifice.

In careers, those with a white aura will thrive in areas of helping others. Jobs in the fields of human rights, animal rescue, or non-profits will give them a deep sense of satisfaction.

A Rare Gift

The short answer to the question of what does a white aura means is that it is a blessing. Those blessed with a rare white aura are spiritual, connected to a higher purpose in life, and extremely intuitive.

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