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What Should I Ask a Medium ?

Although not all psychics are mediums, all mediums ARE psychic. This means that they can do more than just help you communicate with a deceased loved one. They can also provide insight on past lives, current relationships, future dreams, etc. Any kind of advice you can ask a psychic, you can also ask a medium.

We’re all different and have very different situations and issues going on in our lives. If you’re wondering about something not on this list, don’t be afraid to bring it up to your medium!

Questions To Ask A Psychic Medium

1 I would like to speak to (my loved one) Are they there?

2 How can I regain my sense of purpose after the loss of my loved one?

3 How do I know when (my loved one) is in my presence?

4 Why do I have recurring dreams about my deceased loved one?

5 What is the current state of my deceased loved one? Stick to one person per session

6 How can I obtain closure after the loss of a loved one?

7 Is there anything my deceased loved ones want to tell me?

8 Who are my spirit guides? What messages do they have for me?

9 What are the best ways I can communicate with my deceased loved ones?

10 I am estranged, but want to repair the relationship Does my spirit guide have suggestions on how I can make that happen?

11 What are the signs that I lived a past life? Where those lives good or bad?

12 Who was I in my past lives? What can it tell me about how they shaped my current self?

13 I need help achieving the best in my career/relationship/family life/etc. What advice do the spirit guides have for me?

14 What does my aura tell about my future?

15 How do I know if I have psychic gifts?

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