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When Is The Honeymoon Phase Over?

Everyone loves the beginning of relationships. That dizzy phase when you can’t keep your hands off each other. Everything feels perfect. Even the things we would usually hate don’t seem to bother us. Love is in the air and you feel good to have someone that loves you back. You feel that your life couldn’t get any better. Yes, the glorious honeymoon phase of a relationship.

However, the thing about the honeymoon phase is that it inevitably comes to an end. When you’re basking in the glory of a new relationship, questions such as “when is the honeymoon phase over?” and “what happens once the honeymoon phase ends?” can scare you. But the honeymoon phase coming to an end isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Yes, you may struggle with the ‘I miss the honeymoon phase’ feeling but it isn’t an ominous sign for the future of a relationship even by a long shot. In fact, the transition from the honeymoon phase to a more settled, rhythmic pace of the relationship can be the gateway to a stronger bond. Well, provided you know how to deal with the ‘honeymoon phase is over now what’ uneasiness.

What Is The Honeymoon Phase In A Relationship?

Among the many stages of a relationship, a honeymoon phase is one when you begin to get to know each other. You are so much in love that everything looks like a dream. You are the happiest person on earth and think that you have the perfect partner.

Even the possibly irritating habits of your partner seem to look cute. You laugh at your partner’s jokes even though they are lame. Both of you are lost in each other’s thoughts. You could not be more in love.

This is naturally the period when you look and feel your best. You and your partner seem to like the same things, and agree on everything. You are acing the rules of texting while dating, messaging each other many times a day, and never forget to surprise each other with gifts. Such a bliss!

After some time, you start getting comfortable with each other and all lovey-dovey things take a backseat. You are often spotted without make-up and he can be seen lounging around in his boxers. A part of you may be freaking out over: The honeymoon phase is over now what!

How Long Does The Honeymoon Phase Last? Signs It May Be Over For You

Wondering how long does the honeymoon phase last? The honeymoon phase usually ranges from six months to one-and-a-half years, depending on the relationship. There comes a time when you feel like you have done all that you wanted to do with your partner and there is nothing new.

You feel bored, and you also feel like you know your partner inside out. There is no rush to see them anymore because they’re always around. So, when is a relationship not new anymore? When is the honeymoon phase over? How do you realize that your honeymoon period is over? When does reality come in to sabotage your fairytale?

Here are some tell-tale indicators to watch out for: When the honeymoon period draws to a close, bickering, arguments and fights begin to emerge in your perfectly blissful relationship. To make sure you don’t get confused over whether it is the end of the honeymoon phase or the end of the relationship, here are signs that tell you that your honeymoon period is now over:

1. You don’t call each other that much

There was a time when you both couldn’t go without talking to each other. Even if you didn’t have anything to talk about, having your partner on the other side of the phone was more than enough. At times you both would even fall asleep while having late-night conversations.

To know when is the honeymoon phase over, pay attention to how often you call each other now. If the frequency of those calls has now reduced significantly, you may have exited the honeymoon period. You both go without talking to each other for hours and neither of you has a problem with that. This simply means that you’re ready to move on to the next phases of a relationship.

2. The excitement has gone

The butterflies that would flutter in your stomach earlier have now disappeared. The combination of thrill, excitement, and nervousness that you would feel before isn’t there anymore. You do, of course, feel happy when you see your partner, but it doesn’t feel the way it used to. Seeing them has become a normal part of your routine now.

Owing to this, break up after the honeymoon phase can become a real risk if you and your partners are not compatible with each other.

3. You don’t spend much time together

When does the honeymoon phase end, you ask? This is another tell-tale indicator to pay attention to: During the first few months, there was always this longing and desperation to meet again. You both could not wait to meet each other the next day. You would do everything together so that you could spend maximum time with each other.

Now that things have normalized, you have gone back to your individual lives and have been able to build your routine around your partner. Meeting on a daily basis isn’t necessary anymore. You make plans when you both are free to meet up. This may make you look back at those dreamy days, and sigh, ‘I miss the honeymoon phase!’

4. You can be yourself around each other

Gone are the days where you would dress to impress. You freely roam around wearing sweats or boxers in front of your partner. The ‘no makeup days’ seem to keep increasing. They see the ‘ugly’ you and still have a smile on their face. You both don’t care about doing embarrassing things in front of each other.

Your partner gets to know your bad habits and fetishes. You don’t go all red in the face when revealing them. It is when you both fall in love with each other’s real self and not the first impressions. If you’ve wondered when is a relationship not new anymore, reaching this stage in the relationship definitely fits the bill.

5. You’ve had your first fight

Everything was going so well, and then, your first fight spoils it all. It is reality knocking at your relationship’s door saying that your honeymoon period is over. You both get into a heated argument with both your egos clashing.

There are other emotions taking over in your relationship. It is also important for you both to see how you handle it when everything is not all rosy and perfect. This reality check helps you understand whether you’re likely to break up after the honeymoon phase or is there a future for you as a couple.

6. Those ‘cute’ habits are now annoying

When is the honeymoon phase over? When your partner’s habits that you might have initially liked or considered cute start annoying you. Those heightened feelings have now worn out and you see things more clearly. Those lame jokes don’t make you laugh anymore. You instead tell your partner that they are lame.

The wet towel on the bed, another loud fart, forgetting to pick up the dry cleaning or getting the order for dessert wrong – these small irritants over which you didn’t even bat an eyelid before now become triggers for arguments and bickering. You start to notice their bad habits and may sometimes even doubt your judgment regarding them.

7. Your relationship has lost its spark

Things between you and your partner have now cooled down. The spark that you had has now gone. All that sexual tension that was drawing you both like magnets has vanished.

You start to feel like a married couple that doesn’t have sex. Seeing new couples cuddling each other fills you up with ‘I miss the honeymoon phase’ pangs. You have become the partner that eyes other happier couples, and longs for those days in your own relationship

8. There are less fancy dates

You can tell yourself that the honeymoon phase is over if the number of dates in fancy restaurants has now decreased. You both have become comfortable around each other and don’t mind staying in and watching a movie. It is because you do not need to bother about impressing each other anymore.

Staying in is as good as going to a fancy restaurant. You have come to a point where the place doesn’t matter anymore, but the person does. It is one of the positive signs of the end of a honeymoon period, as it indicates that you’re settling into your relationship

9. You sometimes get bored

When does the honeymoon phase end? More importantly, how do you know it has ended for you? One cue is that your partner doesn’t seem interesting anymore. You have even finished the list of interesting things to do together. Now that you know each other inside out, you have run out of things to talk about.

10. Your PDA reduces

Your public display of affection too reduces when the honeymoon period of the relationship ends. You don’t kiss or hug each other as frequently as you used to. You both, who loved holding hands all the time, aren’t doing it that often. This is because you have now got used to each other’s presence and touch. You both start focussing on things that are beyond just the physical aspects of your relationship.

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