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Where Did You Leave Your Happiness?

I have had so many clients come in and talk about how they are stuck in life. They ask me how I get out of the rut they are in. The answers could be surprisingly simple. It’s not that you are stuck in a rut it’s just that life has somehow made you forget where your happiness lies and you have lost your way. You are just confused on where to begin to change things for the better.

My advice on this topic is to first remember your happiest time in your life. Usually you were doing something that made you feel good about yourself and your life. Most of the time it was hobbies or passions you had time for that you have lost to a hectic schedule. Some examples could be painting, writing, crafting, singing or volunteering for a humanitarian cause. Life does not have to stop because your seasons of life have gone through changes.

I like to look at this as remembering who you are and what helped make you the person you are today. I suggest starting a journal to write down your thoughts but more importantly setting up some small goals, whether it be time management, financially or getting back on the dating scene. Life is too short to have regrets. So if you don’t start to put in action what has been lost in your ups and downs, then you will never achieve the happiness that you once had.

Happiness is still attainable in all circumstances. Everyone goes through good and bad times, but you have to be true to yourself. When you are happy it affects everyone around you. People start to pull together and are drawn to your positive attitude. Not only are you helping yourself by looking at things with a new perspective, but bringing back those things in your life that you lost time for that you truly enjoyed or that you are gifted in will help to open doors in your life in the areas of love, work and spiritual awareness.

Let’s face it God gave us talents to be used to not only build our character but to bless those around us. If you forgot where your passion lies, I suggest you sit and reminisce of your happiest moments in life and figure out how to get there again…….one goal at a time. You may feel lost or let down, but only you can revive the passion that once pushed you to be the woman or man you are today.

If you believe it you can achieve it once again!

-Peace & Blessings

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