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Why Don't I Trust My Partner?

A relationship without trust is like a car without gas. You can stay in it all you want, but it won’t go anywhere.

Trust sets the foundation of all relationships. Have you ever found yourself in a relationship with someone that makes you ask these things:

• Why do I feel something is off in the relationship? • Why can’t I ever fully be myself with him? • Why am I unhappy when he’s not near me? • Straightforward, why can’t I trust him?

If yes, then it’s clear that you are having trust issues in the relationship. It’s either you have issues with your capacity of trusting someone or that someone has issues of being trustworthy.

Why do I lack the capacity to trust?

Most often, our lack of trust comes from our negative life experiences—such as not getting enough care and acceptance from our primary caregivers during childhood, coming from previously failed relationships where we have been cheated, mistreated, or abused. These are valid reasons why someone finds it hard to trust others. These things shatter our self-esteem. Notice that people with low self-esteem find it difficult to trust, while those with high self-esteem are most likely capable of trusting others. We can’t change our history, but we can write a new story for us from the present to the future.

Why is my partner unreliable?

Now, what if the issue is with the other person’s trustworthiness? Why does he seem shifty, wishy-washy, hot and cold, undependable, etc.? Looking back to our previous article—”How To Magnetize Your Ideal Partner,” ( we have discussed the energetic dynamic of our relationships. Remember the role of our dominant energies. We inherently possess both feminine and masculine energies, regardless of gender. An ideal, healthy relationship is when a man has empowered masculine energy, and a woman has empowered feminine energy.

A man in his healthy masculine, when he likes somebody, he takes ACTION. • He initiates communication • He pursues the woman he likes • He is ready to take on the challenges • He makes plans for the future and is decisive • He knows what he wants!

Healthy masculine energy attracts a woman of healthy feminine energy. It breeds trust, and the woman naturally OPENS.

• She opens up to her man and speaks her truth • She is comfortable receiving attention • She likes to connect and supports her man • She follows his lead without feeling less

Our energies are inevitably interdependent with one another when we are in a relationship. The person we love, the person we live with, the person we see often or every day impacts our energies.

A man in his wounded masculine state can not magnetize a woman in her healthy feminine. When a man is wounded masculine, he tends to send mixed signals, he acts cold, seems to be busy all the time for other things, but does not have time for his partner, seems lost, and keeps repeating an unending cycle of in and out of the relationship. These are things that don’t breed trust in a relationship. No matter how long you sit in this relationship, it is not going anywhere. Trust fuels the relationship to progress.

A woman naturally can not open or fully surrender to a man who is wounded masculine. Mistrust leads to low self-esteem, which leads to wounded feminine energy as well. Nevertheless, let’s not forget that we are responsible for our energy.

Ladies, it is time to invest, to be in tune with our feminine energy. We can choose how to react, respond, and how to be treated in our relationships. We have that power and don’t allow it to be taken from us.

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Peace & Blessings


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