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Why People Have Affairs

Why People Have Affairs So you can’t get him or her out of your mind? I assure you that when you lock eyes with that “person”, and you feel an immediate attraction, you’ve loved and lusted this person in many previous lifetimes. The physical body and our soul are two different entities. There are different reasons why people have affairs. What do I mean by this? Our soul carries every thought, experience and spiritual challenge that we’ve experienced in a universal body. Yes, you’ve lived in the 1100’s and even in the 1500’s as lovers with that person who is now unavailable. How can this be? Wouldn’t we remember? Of course not! Every single incarnation on Earth or another Planetary system was designed for a new spiritual challenge and growth. If we remembered all of our other past lives including our actual home (Heaven), we’d all be jumping off of bridges to go back! I know I would. We “Pow Wow” with every spirit that will play a significant role in our lives from our parents, children, and spouses. From the moment our soul arrives in the womb, we have no memory of what was before from all of our past lovers, husbands, and wives. There’s one exception to this plan. Our soul remembers everything but while stuffed into a blundering, heavy, awkward body, it makes it much harder to remember any and all past lives. From my work as a psychic and previous life coach, the one thing I always found was the Soul’s ability to recognize another soul despite being hidden in that unrecognizable body. “I’m married, but I want and need to be with this person!” All you know now is that you’re an emotional wreck with a strong desire to be with that person. Past lives can be exactly why.

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