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Words Every Psychic Hates To Hear

Each one of us provides your reading from the tools and guidance that we receive when connecting to your energy. Whether your energy is positive, negative, hurting, happy, confused, intending for something more, spiteful, forgiving or lost and seeking answers to work out something that is just not going forward for you, we attach to what comes from you first and foremost.

Each one of us wishes the world was a softer and kinder place for all and that we could simply give you the answers that you want to hear. When you ask a question such as, ‘Is he or she coming back?’ and they have been gone for months and sometimes years, it often makes us feel bad when we have to say ‘no’ and ‘it’s time to move forward in your life’.

Unfortunately, there are two types of readers. The first, those who want to make everyone love them so they don’t tell you the truth of the situation; they tell you exactly what you want to hear. And 1, 2 or 3 years later, you are still sitting there waiting for someone to return to your life. The second, those who will tell you the truth of what the cards show, what the angels or guides give them or whatever other method they use to read you. Often this makes you upset or angry, however, for those of us that give you the truth of what we get, and do not sugar coat it to give you false hope, we are considered wrong and horrible at times. However, there you sit, 3 years later still waiting for the same person.

As a professional that has worked with directors, business owners, surgeons, doctors, workers, mothers, fathers, young people and seniors, I will never tell you simply what you want to hear. That is not who I am nor will it ever be. I may not be the most popular person and you may not like me for what I tell you at times, however, it will always be the truth of what I receive from my guides, angels, my pendulum, cards or crystals.

I have had a phone slammed down on me before, and I am sure there will be more in the future. It is okay – I do not take it personally. I have also had people come back over a year after a reading that they just hated and apologize to me because what I told them was the truth of what a situation was or what was going on with a particular person in their life. Those are the moments that keep me strong in my resolve not to feed you with something that is just not the truth of what I receive. And again, I don’t take it personally either way.

Now I mentioned in the title of this blog, ‘the words that every psychic hates to hear’. I will share them with you now… “But the other psychic said” …. “Why did the other psychic tell me” … I do not know why another psychic told you what they did. I was not that person and I am my own person and can only give you what I am given in the moment. Also, take a moment to think about why you called again to talk to me or another new psychic. If the other psychic said what you wanted to hear, why are you questioning it again? If the other psychic told you something and you are hanging onto their words, why are you still calling others asking the same questions?

I can only speak for me, even though many of us have had this discussion among ourselves. I give you what I receive, no judgment, from a place of love even if it is not the answer you are seeking and from trusting my own guides and angels. I never question them and yes, every one of us has been wrong before including me. No psychic or reader is 100% accurate 100% of the time. People have free will and psychic readings are for entertainment purposes and at any time you can change the course of your future and not have to accept what any of us say.

I give tools to help people change their lives to live to their highest good as given to me by the angels. I love what I do and I love the beautiful people I talk to on a daily basis. The moment it is not fun for me anymore or I don’t receive joy from it, I will walk away. However, for now, I am here, open to take your call and assist you on your life path and working out life’s kinks. I make a promise to each one that calls that I will give you exactly what I get, even if it’s not the answer you want to hear. However, it will always come from a place of love and never fear.

-Love & Light


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