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Benefits of Raising Your Vibration

How does the Law of Vibration Impact Manifestation?

A lot of us spend our lives kind of at the mercy of our vibration because we don’t know that we can consciously change it by changing our thoughts, and therefor change our realities.

Your reality is a reflection of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions which is what raises or lowers your vibration.

Negative thoughts and feelings lower your vibration and attracts low vibration results.

Positive thoughts and feelings attract high vibration results. Tapping into this higher energy within yourself will help you attract the things you want that are existing at a higher level.

This might be kind of scary at first because it can be hard to accept that you might have to take responsibility for some of the crappy things that have happened to you, though I do want to be very clear that sometimes bad things happen that are absolutely not your fault like abuse or freak accidents.

Remember your thoughts and feelings create your actions (and reactions), so I’m talking about situations that are a result of your actions, that were influence by your low vibration thoughts.

Benefits of Raising Your Vibration

  • You release negative thoughts and energy.

  • You’re a happier person.

  • People enjoy being around you.

  • You feel better physically and more energetic.

  • You stop attracting experiences that hurt you.

  • You start attracting experiences that help you.

  • The more you deliberately raise your vibration the easier it becomes to stay in that positive state.

  • Manifestation becomes a whole lot easier!

Here Are 5 Powerful Ways To Raise Your Vibration

Put up boundaries between you and anything that drains your energy. – You know those people in your life who whine, complain, and criticize all the time? The ones who stress you out and suck all the energy out of you?

Breathwork – Breathwork is a great tool to move energy through the body, calm the nervous system, and clear your mind. It creates the same kind of mind-body connection that you get from exercise. I do it before bed and it helps me fall asleep very quickly, but it can also give you energy if you need a pickup during the day.

Think Positive Thoughts – Your thoughts affect your vibration, so make positive thinking a habit. As we’ve learned your mindset is a huge part of raising your vibration and attracting positive energy from the universe, and so learning how to break the cycle of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs will help so much.

Laugh – Find something that makes you laugh every day, whether that’s a tv show, animal videos on YouTube, or being with a friend or partner that cracks you up.

Choose a Power Word or affirmation every day. – At the beginning of the day choose a positive word and set an intention that you will say it any time you feel your energy drop and that word will bring your vibration back up. Examples might be love, trust, energy, action, peace, empowered, limitless, magic, flow, inspired, or momentum.

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