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The Symbolism of a Green Butterfly

What does it mean when you see a green butterfly, and what do green butterflies symbolize? Let’s find out.

Cultures around the world apply different meanings to plant and animal life, and while these meanings aren’t linear, most people can take something significant away from them. The way you interpret these meanings depends heavily on where you live, how you were raised, and your personal belief and value system.

The butterfly is a creature rich with symbolism, and while there are many stories that stem from the caterpillar itself, there are specifics when it comes to color. This article focuses on the green butterfly, and what meanings people from all different walks of life assign to it.

Naming the Green Butterfly

First and foremost, you’ve probably noticed that there aren’t that many green butterflies around. Experts believe this is an evolutionary response to the color green not being necessary for attracting the attention of a mate. In most cases, evolution will eliminate the components of an animal that put it in greater danger or don’t contribute to its existence. In the case of butterflies, the color green is one of those components.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you won’t ever come in contact with a green butterfly. If you take the time to visit a zoo or sanctuary that has a live butterfly exhibit, you’ll definitely notice one or two green butterflies. How often you see them depends on where you live in the world, but when you come in contact with one, there are a few options concerning which species it could be.

The Spiritual Meaning of Butterflies

Butterflies, as a whole, encompass their own spiritual meaning. Without question, butterflies are beautiful and hold a certain mystery about them. Overall, butterflies symbolize a spiritual rebirth, embracing transformation, hope, change, and life.

Essentially, the (far too short) life of a butterfly mirrors our own spiritual transformations, as they move from crawling to flying in such a short span. Many of us are reborn in such a way at some point in our lives, and the butterfly does a beautiful job of representing this. In many ways, the butterfly reminds us that our own lives are too short and that we live within the given moment as much as we possibly can.

Butterflies are widely accepted as the reincarnation of souls, and many cultures believe that when a butterfly visits you, it’s to let you know that you’re on the right path and perhaps the angels approve of your actions. There are many beautiful meanings associated with the butterfly, but what symbols can we take from the green butterfly specifically?

The Symbolism of a Green Butterfly

While a green butterfly technically encompasses all of the meanings attributed to butterflies in general, they represent so much more to so many people.

Luck and Money

In many cultures, coming across a green butterfly means you’re destined to come into your own from a financial perspective. It’s not your job to know when and where the money is coming from, but simply to know that it’s coming. Of course, it’s always up in the air as to whether or not a green butterfly can actually help you come into a sum of money, but there are people all over the globe that believe it to be true.

If you’ve been down on your luck lately, no worries, the green butterfly has your back. Maybe your car got a flat tire or you’ve lost your job. Perhaps you’re just feeling down and out in general, which happens to a lot of us. If you’re in a low state, running into a green butterfly could be a sign that your luck is about to change. Tap into that positive attitude and try to see things from a different perspective.

Encouragement and Hope

At some point, you’ve probably noticed green butterflies on the wall at a local health care center or doctor’s office. Whether they’ve been hand painted or they hang in frames, green butterflies are often present in private care centers as they represent encouragement and hope. Sometimes, a mere thought or image is all it takes to assist people on their road to recovery and having that encouraging symbolism on the wall makes it an ever-present resource for persistence.

Hope is also important, not only when facing illness, but in everyday life. Without hope, it’s hard to find the meaning behind getting up in the morning. Hope is essential to living a happy, fulfilled life, and the green butterfly is a shining example of hope, lifting up those that have fallen down.

Love and Abundance

The green butterfly is said to bring love and abundance. If you’ve been feeling lonely lately, even if you’re surrounded by people, the green butterfly could be a sign that you’re about to allow people into your life that make your world a better place, whether it be romantic or friendships.

As far as abundance, this could mean generally, and therefore, abundance over every aspect of your life. Health, wealth, love, whatever you want more of you can expect to come when you witness a green butterfly.

Success and Wealth

The green butterfly is a message that should inspire you to keep going, as you just might be meant for success and wealth. When you run into a green butterfly, no matter what your current life situation, you can remain optimistic that you’ll soon know the wealth that comes with great success in whatever you do.

Small business owners, in particular, love to cross paths with a green butterfly, because it encourages (bringing back the components of encouragement and hope) them to keep growing their business to encounter imminent success. The mere thought of receiving such a symbol is often just what people need for motivation.

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