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3 Psychic Techniques to Manifest Your Desired Work Experience

Typically, the number one reason that people call online psychics is to discuss the relationship area of their life. Due to recent economic changes, people call psychics more and more to learn how to manifest their desired experience at work. For those that are working right now, emotions are high, and energy is low. People face challenges that are unprecedented (working from home, trying to balance work and children who are attending school from home, and often being expected to complete a higher workload than expected). Appropriate word choice, timing, and boundaries are all psychic keys to success. Put into action these three psychic techniques to manifest your desired experience at work.

Language matters

With each word that you speak, you create the energetic space from which you operate. Frequently, we reinforce a victim mentality without even realizing it. To succeed in any area of our life, we must be empowered. As long as we feel that we are being controlled, we will slow down our process of completing the task, potentially make errors of judgment, and block new opportunities from showing up in our life. For example, you have a weekly report that you must file. You do not enjoy this particular task, but it is required for your job. If you feel burdened by this task and resent it because you think you have no choice whether to file the report, it will negatively affect how you approach your job. The reality is that you do not HAVE to file the report. You only HAVE to file the report IF you want to keep your job. (language matters). You have the power to shift your energy from a victim space to one that is empowered by choosing to say, "I have the opportunity to file this report" as opposed to "I have to file this report." Some common empowered phrases are: "I have the opportunity to…" "I am able to…" "I am ready to accomplish…" "I choose to do …" "I am prepared to…" When you approach any task with conscious, empowered language, you become more efficient and creative. Who may even begin to enjoy the task. If you are having difficulty identifying which phrase will resonate with you the most, reach out to a tarot card reader for clarification. Once you are choosing empowered words, it is time to identify your optimum psychic timing.

TIMING Your personal psychic energetic flow

Some of the factors that create a person's personal psychic energetic flow include their astrological sign, individual demands, habits, and soul age. An Aries will jump right into a task (sometimes blind to a fault), whereas a Libra will create an extensive (sometimes never-ending) pro and con list. One is not better than the other, but it is essential for you to evaluate the factors that affect your personal energetic flow. If you are still discovering what affects your energetic flow, talk to a real psychic to uncover what may be hiding from your consciousness. Do you need to organize your day so that the difficult tasks are approached as soon as you start your day? Are your mornings at home hectic, and so, therefore, you are more efficient by starting with simple tasks and accomplishing the more challenging ones after you have shaken off the morning chaos? Do you exercise during lunch and therefore return to work ready to tackle the tasks that require the most focus? Are you a younger soul that needs a bit more coaching to approach new tasks? Taking time to meditate on your energetic flow will help you plan out your day to be efficient, not only for yourself but also for your organization. If you find that you are still experiencing energetic blocks in your day, talk to an empath who can help you identify your psychic energetic flow. Now that you understand how to set yourself up for success, it is time to determine what boundaries need to be communicated to yourself and your co-workers.

BOUNDARIES For yourself and others

Do you have particular tasks at work that require a bit more focus than others? When you have a task that requires a lot of focus, it can take you a few minutes to "get in the flow." Set yourself up for success by establishing boundaries and be firm with them. When I am writing, and I am interrupted (by emails, my phone, my children, or my employees), I often find that not only do I return to the task with less joy, but it takes me more time to accomplish my task. When I identify that I am completing the current task is a high focus task, I communicate boundaries. I created what I call the "Fire Only" rule. This rule states if the building is on fire (or some other emergency that requires my immediate attention, only then can I be interrupted). My family actually adapted to this rule much easier than I did. Remember to put your phone on silent if you are in a "Fire Only" production mode. This technique is especially crucial for high focus tasks and tasks that you do not enjoy naturally or ones that are very challenging. Creating a space where you can open up your psychic energy entirely is key to efficiency and enjoyment. Work is a part of life, but it can be a fun, fulfilling, and self-educational experience if approached correctly. Pay attention to your word choices. Do you choose words that empower your spirit, or are you reinforcing a self-created victim space? Do you allow yourself to see the options before you, or are you blocking them out by only seeing what is in front of you? Honor your psychic timing by identifying your personal need and adapt (as much as you can) your day to align with those energetic strengths and challenges. Evaluate what tasks require a protected space and create it. Make sure that you lead by example by honoring those boundaries. Utilizing these three psychic techniques will assist you in manifesting the desired experience at work.

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