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Deck of Cards

Cartomancy Readings 

In a cartomancy reading, a psychic uses a deck of cards to answer your questions or to convey insights about your past, present, or future. Cartomancy can be a very insightful Psychic reading if you are focused on relationship questions.

Cartomancy readings are used for divination or future-telling. They also reveal patterns and hidden truths in your past or present, like all types of spiritual readings.

The 52-card deck so commonly used today to play games like bridge or poker has existed since the 14th century. It is thought that this type of deck was first used for cartomancy readings and only later for playing games.


Some people feel that cartomancy readings can be a little too honest and don’t leave enough room for the reader’s interpretation. Math and numbers do come into play in cartomancy readings. Tarot readings involve numerology too, but in a far less straightforward way than in cartomancy readings.

Cartomancy readings do share some similarities with tarot readings. They’re both based on cards with meaningful symbols that are being interpreted to answer specific questions and clarify future possibilities. The deck of 52 playing cards may have evolved from traditional tarot decks’ 56 minor arcana cards. In some cartomancy readings, the reader links each of the four suits in the deck to an element of astrology in this way: hearts to water, spades to air, diamonds to earth, and clubs to fire. Other readers have different connections and interpretations, which are based on their own expertise and experiences.


Like a tarot reading, a cartomancy reading depends on the experience of a psychic reader who can interpret and relate the card’s patterns to circumstances and a person’s life. No one interpretation will be right for everybody.

A cartomancy reading can explore just about any topic since there are thousands of card patterns and interpretations. A psychic could spend hours analyzing a spread, or you could keep it simpler with quick yes-or-no questions.

A cartomancy reading may be a good option if you have general concerns about your future, specific questions about if and when a certain event will occur, possible next steps in a relationship, or when to make a move in your career.

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