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5 Reasons Why You’re Ghosted

Chances are you recently met someone – usually online – and you have a REALLY good connection with them. Talking and laughing over the days or weeks you feel a really common bond starting to develop. But then suddenly – out of the blue – your messages are left unread and you don’t hear back from them. You wait an hour, then a day, then a week, then a month – but they act like they have disappeared off the face of the earth. This experience can leave you feeling devastated, lost and seriously doubting yourself. What on earth happened for them to stop communicating with you?

Ghosting is a term used when someone simply stops responding to you – it can happen in a friendship or with a new romance – and here are some reasons why.


When you connect with someone, especially online and ESPECIALLY if you are a woman, you can get carried away in the moment and end up constantly texting them. We can’t help this – it often happens when you have been in a long term relationship and have broken up and found someone new. You expect the same sort of familiarity with this new person as you did with your ex. Too much communication and attention CAN scare people off – usually men. Men like to take things nice and slow and they enjoy the chase – but how can they chase you if you are constantly in contact? Very often a guy will just duck out of your life and never be heard of again. Don’t take it personally – but the next time you meet someone interesting, let THEM do all the texting.


Sometimes the initial contact with a new beau can seem exciting and exhilarating, but as this person gets to know you they may soon realise that the energy connection they had with you in the beginning is starting to lose its luster. But instead of telling you straight up they are just not feeling this new relationship – they just stop connecting with you. Yes, this can be very hurtful as you had already imagined marriage and babies, but it is what it is. Next time don’t jump in too quickly or deeply – ease your way slowly into a new relationship. Consider implementing a 3 month ‘no kissing’ rule. This will allow you to really get to know someone before getting intimate with them as the ghosting experience can make you feel very alone and taken advantage of.


Very often, many men break up from a serious relationship and, unable to cope on their own, they immediately look for a new relationship with a woman to take care of them and allow them to feel they are still loved and worthy. However, a couple of weeks after they decide that they want to go back to their partner – and they go silent on you, block your number and they are never heard of again. Some people also have mental conditions especially, during this time of COVID. At any time depression can set in and they decide to cut themselves off from the world – which also means cutting off from you. You may think that you can help them, but they may not want to be helped. What they want and need is time to think and process where their lives are heading. So – again – ghosting like this is nothing personal, it all has to deal with how they are coping with their own personal lives.


Sometimes relationships start off and for the one person, it is simply seen as fun and having a good time. You on the other hand, may be looking for serious commitment. Very quickly you find that your messages of hope and love are not being responded to and this can leave you feeling devastated as you REALLY thought there was a good connection going on. This person may have even been dating multiple people at the same time. So make sure what you have is real before diving in and thinking this relationship is going to lead somewhere.


When meeting someone online either through a dating app or on social media, you have no way of knowing that they are married with a family. Sometimes people look outside their marriage as a way of boosting their ego. They whisper all the sweet nothings to you and you take them for their word. Don’t let this happen to you. So many of us have watched too many Disney movies and we expect this person to come rushing into our arms and rescue us. This is why being sweet talked is so easy. Once this person has satisfied their ego needs, they will return back to their marriage and the ghosting happens. Or perhaps their wife or girlfriend has found all the communication going on between the two of you and has insisted that your number is blocked.

Remember – ghosting says more about the other person than it does about you. They obviously lacked the maturity to be open and honest. Or they may not be ready to have a healthy and meaningful relationship at this time of their life. When you have been ghosted it is important that you STOP sending text messages or trying to call them – know your worth. Don’t blame yourself either as this has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. Keep in mind that you ARE worthy of love and that the right person will find you. I firmly believe that there is someone special – a soulmate connection – for everyone in this world. You simply need to trust in the Divine Spirit and use your intuition to find the one who will truly love you back as much as you love them

Come to me as a Psychic Counsellor and let me see how far away your soulmate is and how soon you will fall in love AND be loved again in return. For now, this special person may have ghosted you, but I can guarantee that your next relationship following this one will be the one for keeps!

With much Love and Light,


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