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Why do empaths struggle with romantic relationships?

An empath struggles in their relationship because they are real in what they do. Most of the time they feel things too much and need space from their partners. They may move too fast with their feelings, have mood swings, fear intimacy, and detect when things go wrong. Similarly, at times they focus too much on their partner, their feelings and try to change them. They may even put their needs at the back and be reluctant in breaking up even if it’s the right thing to do. This can affect their relationship negatively and make it a struggle.


An empath refers to an individual who is sensitive and able to feel the emotional pain of other people. People consider them to be a subset of Highly sensitive people (HSP). They have a good awareness of another person’s thoughts and feelings. They can put themselves in another person’s shoes and understand their perspective and worldview. It’s like empaths can hear the words and listen to the body language of other people including their tone of voice, posture, facial expressions, and even their silence. Such people are driven to help and heal others. Usually, they hold the other person’s feelings and help them process it together.

Detection of things when they go wrong

An empath generally understands the feelings of another person and treats their emotions as if they were their own. They have a unique talent for detecting when something is wrong even before their partner knows it themself. However, an empath struggles in romantic relationships. It is hard for them to get past hidden feelings, pain, and struggles of different situations that arise in their romantic relationship. They spend a lot of time discussing the feelings of their partner. This can create various types of struggles for them in romantic relationships.

Moving Fast in Relationships

An empath will be able to detect their own feelings quite quickly. They will also express these feelings and emotions in a direct and clear manner. This can often scare their partner’s as other people do not move as quickly as empaths do in a relationship. Furthermore, empaths know their feelings and they are secure in themselves. Once that happens, no one can change their mind and eventually this leads to the end of their romantic relationships even before the start.

Mood Swings of an Empath

An empath and their romantic relationship is made difficult due to their mood swings. Many times, the emotions and feelings such as happiness,sadness, anger, etc are intensified for an empath. These feelings can even get out of control and start manifesting through their mind and body. This is because they absorb a lot of energy from their partner. In result, these feelings are eventually directed back to their partner and can make the relationship strained.

Inconsistency in Relationships

Empaths can detect inconsistency in a relationship. This means that they are able to pick up when someone says and means something else. They are able to see the contradiction between a person’s statements and their actions. Consequently, They confront and call out other people’s lies in the relationship. This can make things hard for both people as it disrupts the loyalty and honesty between them.

Detection of Relationship Plateau

An empath will be able to detect the plateau of their relationship. This means that in the beginning and middle of a relationship they can detect when things are coming to a settled point oo. Upon noticing this, an empath would panic and try to get the intensity back. Their partners would not be able to detect this and think it’s strange for them to feel this way. However, In the end, it depends on an empath to accept things for the way there to prevent causing any trouble in their relationship.

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