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Many people now have telephone psychic readings, but many have asked, “Can a telephone psychic reading be as accurate as a face-to-face reading?”

If you’ve never had a telephone reading before and are thinking of having one but are unsure, let us reassure you that while many readers use tarot and angel cards, runes, etc, you don’t need to handle the cards to have a reading.  Many use voice vibrations to link in with you.



A phone reading can reveal several things. The first is clarity. If a situation has been clouding your mind for some time, it helps to sometimes get a fresh perspective and a neutral view.

The second thing you can get is options. With any troubling situation, people need to know what options they have to move on and achieve a positive outcome.

Also, our readers can reassure you that you are on the right path to achieving the desired outcome and offer advice if needed.



Here at trueOracle we have telephone readers who use a variety of tools and use a variety of skills in their readings.  If you are looking for a reader who uses a specific tool or gift in their readings, then you can find them from the ‘Phone Readers’ menu at the top of this page. Some of the tools used by our readers include tarot cards, angel cards, runes and astrology. Some of the gifts used by our readers include psychic ability, clairvoyance, and mediumship. In contrast, some readers are able to help you along your spiritual journey as they are spirit coaches.  As well as these skills and gifts many of our readers have many special skills they use, to find out more read the profile pages of the individual readers.



Some good questions to ask include:

  • Is my partner going to make contact?

  • Do you see new love coming into my life?

  • Can you connect to a loved one of mine in spirit?

  • Do you see a new job or promotion in my career?

  • Will my desired house move happen?

  • Will my ex call me?

  • Will i get a raise?




One of the most common subjects brought up during telephone readings are matters of the heart. A love reading is a powerful route to find the answers you seek. Phone readings allow our readers to impart their wisdom to guide you on the right path to take.

One of the most important things to remember is not to ask yes or no questions. Examples include “Will I find my true love?”, “Will my current relationship work?”, “Will he ask me to marry me soon?” or “Is he cheating on me?” To achieve more insight with a phone love reading, it is best to ask open questions such as “What can I do to manifest love into my life?” or maybe “What would be the best way to reconnect with a past love?” or “How I can ensure this is the right relationship for me?” Open questions on your relationship issues can provide better direction on changing an outcome based on the choices you make. Try a phone love reading now and see how it can guide you regarding past, present and future relationships.

Phone Readings

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Chat Readings 

For a rapid in depth psychic reading with one of our talented psychics, try a chat session, anytime, anywhere. Our chat transcripts are available to help you keep track of your conversations. This is ideal if you are on the move and is 100% confidential.

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Conversations are always 100% private between you and your advisor.

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If you’re ever unsatisfied with a conversation, we’ll make it right.

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