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Exploring Dying And Near-Death Experiences

The question of life after death is an age-old one. While some think that death is the end, there are plenty of others that believe the opposite, based on their experience of nearly dying, or technically dying but coming back to life. We’ll examine accounts of consciousness after death, what we can learn from near death experiences, and hear from those who have returned to life after near death experiences.

What Is a Near-Death Experience?

A near-death experience (NDE) occurs when an individual is medically dead, near death, or believes themselves to be near death. The phenomenon often has a lasting impact on the individual long after their return.


What Does Dying Feel Like, According to an NDE?

  • Time moving faster or slower than normal.

  • Thoughts occurring faster than normal.

  • Witnessing scenes from one's life.

  • Experiencing a sudden understanding of oneself, others, and/or the universe.

  • Having an overwhelming sense of peace.

  • Experiencing a great feeling of joy.

  • Having a deep sense of connectedness with the universe.

  • Seeing a bright light.

  • Having heightened senses.

  • Awareness of things happening elsewhere.

  • Witnessing visions of the future.

  • Having an out-of-body experience. *In 92% of cases, scenes witnessed in these experiences are accurate.

  • Visiting a magnificent otherworldly realm.

  • Experiencing the loving spiritual presence of a divine being.

  • Having encounters with those who have passed.

  • Coming to, but not crossing, a point of no return.

Other experiences common to NDEs are:

  • Encountering spiritual beings sometimes identified as angels.

  • Communicating telepathically with spiritual beings.

  • Feeling a release from the constraints of time.

  • Finding a new outlook on relationships.

  • Losing the fear of death.

  • Experiencing disappointment at returning.

Explaining a Near Death Experience

  • Release of an unknown neurotransmitter.

  • Response to a lack of oxygen.

  • A hallucinogenic reaction to drugs administered.

What Happens to Consciousness After Death?

The more spiritual hypothesis is that consciousness existed before the universe. Time and space are a construct of the mind, formed like a shell around our spiritual selves. Quantum consciousness takes the view that consciousness exists independent of the body and can easily exit it upon the point of death. Multiple universes exist at once, and the consciousness can migrate between our current physical realm and the spiritual one.

What Near Death Experiences Teach Us

  • Having less interest in material goods.

  • Feeling more compassionate, forgiving, and caring.

  • Become less risk-averse and living life to the fullest.

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