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Get That Raise Now!

Using the Laws Of Attraction, you can receive that raise sooner than you think!

Here are some easy and very effective steps to assure your success!

  1. Clear your mind of any negative thoughts of your job, work, employment, boss, co-workers, etc. It's hard to do in many cases but imperative for you to be on the correct frequency to reach your goal. Take some cleansing breaths and focus on YOU and what you want to achieve.

  2. Keep a journey close to your bed. When you wake up in the morning, write in your journal as though you have already received your raise. Make sure that you include how thankful and grateful you are. For example: I'm so happy, thankful and grateful that I now I have my raise! This raise has helped me so much! Now, I can use my raise for..... Continue your thought patterns and write as much or a little as you feel. Do this in the evening before you go to bed. Writing both in the morning and evening will help to raise your vibration on the level of receiving your raise and put your sub-conscious mind in accordance of what you are attracting and will be receiving.

  3. Make sure you keep positive throughout the day with only positive thoughts and words relating to your raise. If you discuss how unhappy you are at work or how unhappy you are without a raise then, you are un-doing everything you have accomplished. Keep your mindset on what you want to accomplish.

  4. When writing in your journal and when thinking about your raise throughout the day "feel" the emotion behind it. Close your eyes, imagine your raise and how much you will be receiving, etc. Feel the emotion of what it will feel like that day you receive. Feel it and hold on to these thoughts and feelings for a long as possible.

  5. The most important step through all this is your gratitude and your gratefulness. Without this step, you will be in a place where your success rate won't be as high as what it should be. Practice saying, "thank you for my raise" or "I'm so grateful for my raise". Think about this--it's very hard to be thankful and grateful without smiling. After all, having an attitude of gratitude will put you in a place where you're manifesting and attracting 24/7. Won't that be nice?!

With all these steps combined, you will see that you not only will attract the raise want but will also attract other opportunities and circumstances as well! In every thing we do, we are to be thankful. There's no better time than now to start!

Congratulations on your new raise! I'm so happy for you!

With love and blessings-

Zelda Kelly Ext 11

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