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How Accurate Are Psychics?

Some people don’t have a good understanding when it comes to the idea of psychics predictions regarding the future. This is a classic example- “Last year my husband and I were having trouble conceiving, and went to see a psychic reader,” says Danielle, 37, an accountant. “She said I would get pregnant in the summer. I was really excited, counting the days, and nothing happened. At some point, I decided to stop thinking about it, and focus on other aspects in my life. Then, suddenly, in late October, I tested positive… The reader was off by a few months”.

What is a Psychic?

Psychics are people who have an extrasensory perception which allow them to tap into a different realm to provide insights about different life situations. The idea of communicating with a psychic is not a modern concept. In fact, the whole notion of fortune-telling and psychics dates back thousands of years.

One of the earliest forms of fortune-telling was astrology. Those who practiced astrology believed that the positions of the planets, sun, moon and stars could predict a person’s future as well as provide insights into a person’s life. Another type of fortune-teller were those who could make these predictions about the future without examining these celestial bodies. These people were seen as prophets - in later times they were referred to as clairvoyants. Clairvoyants were seen as having an important role in early civilization, often acting as advisors and judges.

Today, you will find many different types of physic advisors from astrologists, to clairvoyants, and tarot readers to aura readers. The ultimate question is, can any of these physics really predict the future?

Predictions Offer Guidance, Not Instructions

Many people expect to get word-for-word instructions about a job, a relationship, or a friend from their psychic reader. But that approach can be very limiting. Readings are about guidance, support, encouragement, empowerment, insights, and comfort. They can help you see things that perhaps you already knew deep down, hadn’t thought of before, or haven’t yet realized. But ultimately, you are the one who will have to make decisions about your own future.

“The goal of a prediction is to visualize the direction in which your life is heading,” says Tara, an astrologist. “However, the prediction isn’t an absolute outcome set in stone. A psychic reading can open up a myriad of possibilities for you to explore, and choices for you to make and follow. Of course, you won’t be able to change every single thing about your life and surroundings, but you have visibility into more choices and paths than before the reading”.

Some aspects of your life can be predicted at a certain point, given the present conditions. The prediction is like a snapshot in time; capturing the future of the current scenario. Once the prediction is offered, these conditions may change. Therefore, the final outcome may be different than if you had never experienced the reading. In other words, when you are given a prediction, this may have an impact on the future.

Are Predictions’ Timings Accurate?

So, how accurate are psychics? “During a reading, I can visualize a person, a number, a season, but often, the timeframe isn’t too specific,” says Summer, 61, a top psychic reader. Predictions will often materialize down the road, sometimes after a few months or in the course of your life – a call from a lost relative, a new job, or a baby may come when you least expect them. However, timeframes can vary.

One of the reader’s tasks is to interpret the ideas conveyed to him/her into a clear, concrete prediction, and this involves a high level of professional expertise. “When I see the number 7, that could mean 7 days, 7 weeks or even 7 years,” said Molly, 58, a psychic reader. “I use other parts of the reading, and my intuition, to try to grasp the most accurate timeline possible, but things aren’t always completely precise.”

“Next Week Your Checkup Will Go Well”

“I decided to go to a tarot reader with a friend, just for the fun of it,” said Enid, 28, a beautician. “It was amazing: She said: ‘What about your creativity? You have so many words inside you. You had a medical crisis a few months ago that really shook you up, but next week you’ll go for a checkup and the doctor will tell you that it’s healed’. I was flabbergasted. It’s true- I have lots of ideas for books and stories, but was too insecure to actually write them. And how could she know about the time I broke my leg? Sure enough, my upcoming checkup went well just like she said.”

Prewritten Destiny or Free Will?

The idea of predictions assumes that to some degree, our destiny is prewritten. Can we truly change our destiny, or is our path predetermined? This question has been the focus of philosophical debates for centuries. Determinism is the concept that everything that happens is predetermined and cannot be changed. According to this, people can’t change their course of action, and there is only one possible path. This contrasts with the idea of free will, which is the ability of people to select a particular path or action they have decided on.

Can Psychics Read Your Mind?

Readings and predictions open a window into your subconscious mind, to things that are hidden deep inside of you. They are a way to transcend your intellect and venture deeper - that’s why even some psychotherapists use tarot cards in their therapeutic work. Whenever you get a reading, you attribute meaning to the ideas that come up, and your subconscious mind provides an interpretation for these ideas. This provides you with insights that can help you make better choices.

How Do I Get a Prediction, Anyway?

At Psychics Secrets you can get a prediction for any area that concerns you such as love, relationships, family, career, finances, and more. How can psychics predict the future? There are lots of ways you can get a prediction: Psychic readings,tarot readings, fortune telling, dream analysis, astrology readings, career forecasts, religion-oriented psychics, numerology, occult, , Eastern philosophy, graphology, past life readings, picture readings, new age spirituality, universal laws, financial outlooks…Yep, it can be hard to choose.

So why not give it a try? Start your journey with us!

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Shaun Barefoot
Nov 14, 2021

I remember these questions. Which person agreed to talk with me? I remember saying answers to majority of these questions. I'm not sure if she remembers asking me these questions but what was her name? The conversation was on August 18th, 2020 When there was a guy in my backyard while it rained for 4 hours. The probability of him coming into my house. Well, he didn't come in but he did get caught coming out of the red roof inn heading into South Carolina.

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