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Ouija, Seances, and Scrying

Learning to do simple magic for manifesting is just one way you can use your psychic gifts. The “darker” arts like communication with the dead and using the ancient art if scrying- what a mysterious sounding word- are things not everybody takes the time to learn about. Are written séance instructions all you need to call up the dead on your own, and how is that done? Can Ouija boards conjure spirits that give specific answers like the movies say they can and is that dangerous? What is scrying and how do you do that? Join us to read about the mystical practices of seances, Ouija boards, and scrying today!

A séance is when people gather to communicate with the dead, usually with the help of a psychic medium, or somebody who can speak with and hear messages from spirits. This is often done formally at an event or at a shop, and sometimes one family comes to speak with one deceased loved one, but at times mediums have groups of the public who have never met one another before who will gather and the medium takes turns calling each participant’s deceased loved one so they can speak with them or receive messages. Movies, and old photos from the Victorian era show elaborate meeting rooms with richly dressed mediums, some of whom became quite wealthy and famous from being doing seances. The Fox Sisters were an example.

These sisters were named Leah, Margaretta, or Maggie, and Catherine, or Kate. When Maggie was 14 and Kate was 11, they claimed they were able to communicate with the dead, and their eldest sister, Leah believed them. It was said their house was haunted, and there were mysterious sounds of knocking or rapping and what sounded like furniture moving when nobody was moving any furniture. One night, Kate told people that she challenged what she perceived as a spirit to repeat knocking sounds she made- and she said it did! The girls told the neighbors and said they worked out a system with their spirit they called “Mr. Splitfoot” where combinations of how many knocks or raps the spirit made indicated a yes or no answer or an alphabet letter.

News spread like wildfire, and within two years, the girls were paid for public demonstrations. By 1857, various investigators declared the girls’ frauds, one stating the girls made the rapping noises they claimed the spirits did by cracking their toe joints. In 1887, another investigator stated they were sitting near the sisters when they called for spirits to make the rapping noises, and the investigator reported they felt them tapping their feet on the floor. By 1888, Maggie publicly said that their method was fake, and showed how they did it. She attempted to recant the confession, but their credibility was gone by then.

However, the author KNOWS mediumship is real because she has witnessed it. The author was estranged from a family member before their death. While this family member was alive, they often asked other people to tell the author “I want her to know I love her very much.” Years after the family member passed away, the author was on staff to read Tarot at a psychic studio around Halloween where a séance was taking place. The author speaks to her own dead loved ones and had no interest in having a psychic medium do so for her. However, the medium approached and informed the author that said family member “Wants you to know they love you very much.” Nobody at the séance knew anything about the author’s family member let alone the exact words they had used many times. Mediums exist and are very helpful for mediating communications between the dead and the living.

How to Conduct a Séance

While some would assume special séance chants or trances are a must to conduct a séance, all you need is to have the natural ability to receive messages from the dead. You need not adhere to any specific structure or techniques, just go with your own abilities. However, there are some things to keep in mind when communicating with the dead.

Be Respectful

The dead are the same beings they were when they were living, they just don’t have physical bodies anymore. They still deserve and expect to be respected. Do not “COMMAND” a spirit to appear or make itself known through signs or noises. It is not a servant, existing to appease the living, but somebody who is open to continuing to speak with the people they love even once they die. The same respect in communication with the living should be observed when speaking with the dead.

Be Direct

No cryptic, fancy talk is necessary to contact the dead. Simply say their name and ask them if you can communicate with them. Ask what you want to ask and tell them what you want them to know. It’s that easy.

Don’t Waste their Time

Communication with the dead should not be part of spooky fun or games for when you are bored or want to try something new. The dead have moved on to a new part of life and taking the time to stay connected with their friends and family who are still living may be important to them, but it is not for amusement, but to maintain their relationships. Movies might show people having a rip-roaring fun time being scared by ghosts, but in real life, your deceased grandmother watching over you is the least scary or thrilling thing there is. It is a blessing, and when you call your loved one to speak with it should be for something important.

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