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Show Your Partner How Much You Love Them

As you all know, Relationships are not always perfect.There are hiccups, breaks, and plenty of other things that just make it hard. What’s harder, though, is missing out on someone who’s actually worth it all.

The hustle and bustle we go through on the daily can make it almost impossible to make time for your SO, and remembering that love is more than an action can sometimes get lost in the huge mix of things. If your relationship is a constant you keep missing out on, it’s important to accept that your partner might be feeling out of it as well. Besides being bored with the relationship, this can lead to miscommunication, resentment, or even something worse.

If you feel your relationship has become too routine, here are eight ways to remind your partner that you love them.

1. Satisfy their Sweet Tooth

If you’re great around the kitchen (or not), take some time to bake your partner’s favorite! Whether it be a quick, three-ingredient box of their favorite brownies or a homemade dupe you know they’ll adore, it’ll be a great way to remind them how special they are. If you’re not super confident in your baking skills, a fun date idea could be doing this together. Couples that bake together stay together, right?

2. Leave Notes for Them

If it seems you guys just can’t get on the same schedule, leave cute little notes all around their space. Write an “I love you” and leave it on their pillow. Tell them how much you love their cooking with a sticky note on top of their leftovers. When communication feels off, these little additions are a reminder that through it all, you’re still trying.

3. Remember: Flowers Never Go Out of Style

A bouquet for your loved one is more than a sweet gesture; it’s a romantic cliche we all know and love. Even if your love life isn’t a movie, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have those special moments.

4. Spend the Day In Their Shoes

Whether it be playing video games, watching a season’s worth of their favorite show, or trying their go-to drink, it’s important to acknowledge and respect their interests. Diving headfirst into what they enjoy, even if you absolutely hate it, shows that you love them enough to get uncomfortable. And if we know anything about love, it’s that it’s uncomfortable. Who knows, you might just love it, too!

5. Put Your Phone Away

There’s nothing that screams “I don’t care” more than doom scrolling while your SO is trying to talk with you. The worst part is that you may not even realize you’re doing it. Make a mindful decision to put your phone down, or hide it from yourself, when they’re telling a story or recounting their day. Supporting your SO is high on the priority list for any relationship. Becoming more of an active listener can be just what you need to make your partner feel seen and heard.

6. Plan a Spontaneous Trip

Has your partner always talked about traveling to London? Do they go on and on about how much they’d love to see the different countries in Africa? Start planning a trip with your partner to make it happen! With the world getting a bit safer, even just having conversations about where they’d like to go and what they’d like to do is sure to get the ball rolling on their excitement. Whether it be a week or a year from now, joining them on their dream vacation is sure to be a milestone to remember.

7. Remind (And Show) Them Just How Cute They Are

If you feel that your sex life’s getting a bit stale, plan a sexy night of fun for you and your lover. Research new positions you’d like to try, sauce up the room with rose petals, or grab some massage oils. Although sex isn’t everything, it’s a huge part of a relationship that can coincide with your partner’s self-confidence. Being more vigilant about having nights of intimacy can be the spark that gets you both back on track.

8. Give Up The Remote

Have you noticed them watching their favorite shows alone? Pass the remote. There are only so many episodes of reality TV you can consume before it drives you insane. And even if your favorite episode is airing at the same time, the compromise won’t kill you, we promise. This small token of appreciation is sure to remind them you care.

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