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Signs from Spirit

We never know what to expect or who will come through at a mediumship reading. Often we can have a synchronistic event that is an amazing connection with spirit.

This last weekend I did readings for two women that is a good example of what this is and how it happens. The two women were old friends who were getting together for a weekend retreat. I had done a phone reading for one of the women and so for part of their retreat they wanted to meet with me to connect with departed loved ones and ask questions about their current life situations.

They had chosen for their retreat a beautiful house surrounded with nature and high up with beautiful views. The location was hard to find up on a hill approached only by a narrow winding road.

The reading for the first woman showed just how synchronicities work. At the very beginning of her reading an old boyfriend came through, whose name was the same as the street I had just driven to get there. We all marveled at the connection and wondered if it was he who lead these women to pick this exact location for their weekend.

The signs from Spirit continued with the reading for the second woman. Her deceased son Dustin came through and shared with me his love for basketball, reading books, rock and roll music and particularly playing the guitar. I was relaying this to the woman for whom I was doing the reading when she suddenly held up a guitar pick. It had just recently been found under a rock at the beach by her 11 year old niece who was looking for shells with her. Dustin’s favorite band was the Beatles, he passed in 2017 and he loved playing the guitar. This is how the spirit world reaches out to us to let us know they are around and love us.

I always tell those for whom I am doing readings to keep their heart open to receiving signs from their loved ones in spirit.They want to connect with you and can do so in so many extraordinary ways.

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