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What Is In Store for Air Signs During The Strawberry Moon ?

The full moon can be thought of as a moment of revelation, completion, and possibly even reward. This is the phase of the lunar cycle where a climax is being reached, and it all begins with the new moon, which represents a new beginning as the moon retreats behind the shadow of night. As the moon waxes and regains its light, a story starts to develop. By the time the full moon rises, you gain answers to so many questions as the story engages in its big reveal. You can expect twists, turns, and so many surprises.

This upcoming full moon — the last supermoon of 2021 — takes place in stern, driven, ambitious, and authoritative Capricorn. It may shine a light on the aspects of your life that require a more strategic and committed mentality. Nothing worth accomplishing is ever easy, so let the precision and unstoppable motivation of Capricorn guide you through tackling the struggle you’re ready to overcome.

Here’s what air signs may be up against:

Gemini: You’re Becoming Aware Of Your Emotional Attachments No matter how cool and collected you like to seem, Gemini, you’re still a human being with a heavy heart. That heart has a tendency to grow attached to things as it experiences love and loss. This full moon may cause some of your emotional attachments to become more apparent, revealing whether these attachments are truly serving your best interests. Take a closer look at the way you share and exchange energy. It may be time to take back some of that energy for yourself and invest it in something that’s far more beneficial to your growth and peace of mind.

Libra: You’re Discovering What Your Heart Needs Most This full moon could leave you feeling incredibly sensitive and vulnerable, Libra. It’s revealing whether you truly feel comfortable in your universe. Everyone craves the feeling of belonging somewhere, and while you don’t have control over whether the world will accept you, what you do have control over is whether you’ll accept yourself. It may be time to put more effort into sprucing up your living space. You may even feel like spending more time with family and loved ones. Allow this full moon to show you what you need in order to truly feel safe, protected, and cherished.

Aquarius: You’re Purging Negativity And Embracing Healing All good things come to an end, Aquarius, but so do the bad things. This full moon may leave you feeling as though you’re saying goodbye to something. However, this goodbye is a long time coming. You may be carrying the weight of things you no longer have to carry, and yet, you’re having trouble setting that weight down. Allow the healing energy of this full moon to guide you through the complicated emotions that come with letting go. There’s so much that awaits you, but first, you need to stop focusing on the past and start having passion for the here and now.

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