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ABOUT: Patience is a virtue and one of my best assets, along with accuracy, compassion and understanding. A session with me allows you to stay on track and stay the course.


SKILLS: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Tarot , Spirit Guides Dream Interpretation Astrology, Relationships,

 Finances, Trust Issues and Family


STAR SIGN: Capricorn


EXPERIENCE: I have been a psychic my entire life, and as a young girl I started realizing my dreams were coming true.  Psychic ability runs in our family by way of our female lineage, so it wasn't a surprise to them when I demonstrated the gift of clairvoyance as a young girl. 




TOOLS: Spiritual and Tarot 


Hello, My Name is Azurite and I am a Tarot/oracle Reader. I work through breathing techniques, energy and crystals to pull the energy of each card to get to the inner depths of each situation or question you may need clarified to bring you peace. I am here to help guide you in each area of your life to become at ease , to strengthen confidence and to help you regain your best self! Blessings! -Azurite

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